The Mountain Winery Wedding Photos

This San Francisco Wedding Photographer was excited to be shooting a wedding at THE MOUNTAIN WINERY in Saratoga, CA in 2010. This wedding location is also known as the Paul Masson Winery and they have concerts here as well. My 20+ years experience shooting in harsh, bright sunlight helped me get some great images despite the sunny circumstances. This was a morning/afternoon wedding when the sun was at it’s closest, hottest and brightest.

Any professional wedding photographer will tell you that shooting in the harshest, brightest sunlight is not an ideal condition. Which is why you need to hire a wedding photographer that knows how to deal with this type of lighting situation.

I have extensive experience shooting in the bright, hot sunlight. I am not a typical San Francisco Wedding Photographer that only shoots in the city which means I am accustom to shooting in the sun as well as the overcast skies.

the mountain winery wedding photo

the mountain winery wedding photo

Upon arrival at The Mountain Winery, I went to see the bride getting ready down in the ‘ready-room’ which is basically a conference room. Here’s a photo of the wedding dress hanging. Brides really love this shot.

wedding dress hanging

I think these types of shots look much better without FLASH. In fact, I try to stay away from flash whenever possible, always opting for natural, organic lighting. What do you think?

the mountain winery wedding photo

The downside of not using any flash is that you have to bump up the ISO in order to avoid motion blur. Using a higher ISO can give you more NOISE, which has to be reduced in POST.

Below is a shot in an extremely dark room and 1600 ISO. I feel it is more natural looking than if you use flash. Conversely, my Associate uses a lot of flash photographer so his style will compliment mine and we do that purposely so the bride can have a multitude of shots and styles for their wedding photography.

bride getting ready

Ahh, looking at me in the mirror….CLASSIC!

wedding photo at the mountain winery saratoga

Ok so now we go outside. Like I said, the sun was so hot and bright and I wanted to avoid putting the bride in direct sunlight so soon before the wedding. I found a nice shaded little area just outside the brides ready room.

I really like the photo below, the lighting and everything. Tell me, what do you think?

san francisco wedding photographer

Here, the bride poses with her mother. Any wedding photographer shooting a wedding better get lots of photos with the bride and her mother!!!!!

bride posing with her mother of the bride

One quick tip for shutterbugs, it’s always best to have the SUN at the subjects back. The picture below is all natural light, no flash used.

the mountain winery wedding

Below, in the same spot, with the guys I had to use flash for this angle and perspective

wedding photos paul masson winery

wedding photos paul masson winery

wedding photos paul masson winery

Please check out more of these wonderful wedding photos that I took at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga. Also known as Paul Masson Vineyards.

mountain winery saratoga