San Francisco landmark wedding photos

As a San Francisco Wedding Photographer, I have had the pleasure of shooting at many of the landmarks here in the city by the bay. Here are some of the images I have captured through the years. Some of these wedding photos shot at these iconic landmarks in San Francisco are quite old, so please forgive the quality. You will know which ones I speak of when you see them.

The brides really love the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco for their wedding photos. Below, a recent engagement photo [a.k.a. e-pics] taken at this iconic San Francisco location.

Arguably, the most popular place to take your wedding photos in San Francisco is the amazing Legion of Honor. Below an image from my past archive.

This shot of the groom was also taken at the Legion of Honor. Noteworthy is that this was shot way back when I was shooting weddings with true black and white film. Sorry, I’m 100% digital now.

The final image I would like to share with you from the Legion of Honor is a recent one. Shown below.

Another great place to take your wedding photos in San Francisco is the not so popular Alamo Square and more specifically, with the PAINTED LADIES in the background. Most people know this location from the 80’s sitcom, Full House, which included exteriors of the Painted Ladies as well as shots a picnic in Alamo Square.

Here’s a great shot of San Francisco from the bay aboard one of Empress Events Yachts.

Below is one of my most favorite images. It was also taken aboard Empress Events Yachts. As seen below, a shot of the Golden Gate Bridge from underneath.

For the shot below, not sure if this location has a specific name, but it is just west of Chrissy Field. This is the beach that is on the east side of Golden Gate bridge. Depending on the time of day, you can get some really nice shots here.

San Francisco City Hall is a very popular place to take wedding photos and to also have your wedding there.

Sports fans will know how old this shot is based on the name you see on the marquee lol. This location is a less obvious place but if you want something a little edgy and different, you can take your pictures on the east side of San Francisco. Now known as AT&T Park, this shot was taken way back when it was PAC BELL Park.