Weddings at CASA REAL at Ruby Hill Winery

The Casa Real at Ruby Hill Winery has a very stringent policy with respect to outside vendors. In short, the strongly recommend that their clients use the preferred vendors of the venue. In the case where a client wants to book someone that is not on the Casa Real preferred vendor list, that outside vendor has to go through a process in order to be ‘approved’.

It’s now official, I have been tentatively approved for a wedding at Casa Real at Ruby Hill Winery. For a photographer/videographer of my caliber and with my reputation, getting approved is a mere formality. Having said that, I have shot weddings at Casa Real in the past, but this proceedure of approving vendors that are not on their official vendor list is a fairly new process.

The last wedding I shot at the Casa Real in Pleasanton, CA was in 2012. At that time, I did not have to go through any process in order for the couple to book me.

Last week, a couple wanted to hire me for a wedding in early 2015, I had to go through a rigorous process of completing forms, submitting insurance information, and having my online reputation checked [Casa Real requires 5 stars on all major review sites].

I passed with flying colors and was approved in less than 2 days.

If you are getting married or having an event at the Casa Real at Ruby Hill Winery and you wish to book a vendor that is not on their preferred vendor list, consider my photography and videography services. Since I have already been, as they call it, tentatively approved, you will be able to book me without any delay and having me go through the process again.

In addition to the Casa Real, I shoot many weddings in the Livermore/Pleasanton area including Ruby Hill Golf Course [as a preferred vendor], Palm Event Center, Wente Vineyards, Murrieta’s Well and more!

Casa Real at Ruby Hill Winery Wedding Photos

Casa Real at Ruby Hill Winery Wedding Photos

Casa Real is a great place to have your wedding or event. If you are interested in having your wedding there, please contact the event coordinator, Casey Nunn.

Casey Nunn
Event Coordinator
Casa Real at Ruby Hill Winery
(Beets Hospitality Group)

410 Vineyard Avenue, Pleasanton California 94566
Phone: 925-931-0200 Fax: 925-931-0400